What to Eat to Get a Flat Stomach

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Wouldn’t it be good if you had to eat more to keep your weigh lesser? There isn’t any magic potion that can curb weight loss overnight. However, a balanced intake of few natural foods can definitely make your body capable of your weight loss program. Good anti-oxidants and calorie resistant elements can be wondrous and nutritious at the same time.

With few basic tips before starting off on the list of foods for calorie fight should be kept in mind:

  • Avoid excess eating at one go and start consuming smaller quantities of food at lesser intervals. This helps your body to get balanced time to digest the food and avoids indigestion or storage of unnecessary fat.
  • Do not skip your breakfast. Many researchers have proved that if you do not have a good start to the day with a proper meal then you end up consuming more unbalanced amount of food through the rest of the time.
  • Be careful with the calories you intake and try working out not for a size zero but for your good health. Overt level of calorie without equivalent level of workout is the main root of fatigue and obesity and its subsequent health issues.

Make Everyday a Protein Day

To kick start good mornings bring in yoghurt, eggs, handful of nuts and milk in your everyday morning diet. Before you start the grind of the rest of the day it is mandatory to prepare your body for the surprises of the rest of the day. In our fast paced life, breakfast has turned out to be a neglected part of our daily routine.

Although, the consumerist market has been catered to by our efficient FMCG giants, yet such quick and processed meals are not good options for long term life. They not only harm with their artificial contents but also decrease our life expectancy. Hence, opting for quick and easy natural ingredients for breakfast can be possible if you have the will. Milk, fruits, vegetables, nuts are easy, affordable, known shortcuts to hectic schedules of quicker meal breaks.

Almond particularly is proven to be a versatile nut full of fibre, protein, vitamin E and magnesium. It not only is an effective anti-oxidant but is an effective source of protein, minerals and energy. It helps regulating blood sugar levels in the body thereby stabilising food cravings and helping towards a balanced diet. Also, another natural ingredient Garcinia Cambogia, a berry of one kind is an effective natural product sold mostly in pill form has rich content of anthocyanine that regulates food cravings in the body. This helps in weight loss programs and reduces belly fat.

Do not forget to include at least one fruit in your everyday breakfast which can be the best source of multiple nutrients and stimulate perfect metabolism in your body. These products are good sources of energy thus relieving you of fatigue and unnecessary carbohydrate. A healthy breakfast can even suffice for a skipped lunch for your body to maintain energy level. Yoghurt or the good old homemade dahi also is rich in bacteria that prevent the rise of pathogenic organisms like E.coli and salmonella. It increases immunity of the body by stabilising the count of antibodies.

Drinking can be good

There is no denying the fact that a dehydrated body is always at more risks of health issues. Drinking water before eating also avoids eating excess as your tummy feels heavier beforehand. Research proves that ice cold water can be a miraculous weight loss potion for you. An intake of around 8-10 glasses of ice cold water can help in burning 250-500 calories of fat in the body.

Carbonated drinks and soda have unbalanced contents of carbohydrate that we consume in the gas form in the drinks. This is definitely dangerous as we all know of.

Apart from water other good drinks include toned milk, green tea, vegetable juice, coconut water and yoghurt based smoothies.

Vegetable on the table

The list of vegetables doesn’t just stop but goes on with more you add on to your plate. Starting from beans, sprouts, broccoli, celery, tomato, cucumbers to eggplants, garlic, lettuce, onion, peas, turnip, pumpkin the list can include more than 200 vegetables that are perfect to fight for your flat stomach.

It is also advisable to eat raw foods as much as possible. Although, with penetration of insecticides and pesticides in our food chain it has been advised to wash and cook well every ingredient to avoid the harmful to effects to an extent, yet several detoxifying kits for vegetables have been launched in the market to help clean vegetables and reduce the risk. For an easier and natural way to cleaning up, keeping vegetables in water for half an hour minimum can remove the insecticide effects to a large extent.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables helps to retain its nutritious value and you avoid on unnecessary usages of extra spice and oil that can lead to weight gain. Cooking causes loss in the enzymes in food and that actually inhibits proper digestion. That is the reason why we feel fuller for a longer time after eating our cooked meals for dinner and lunch. Many nutrients are burnt and wasted due to the excess heat of frying or boiling them.

Few easily available vegetables include cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, dark leaf lettuce, onions, pears, tomatoes, watercress, broccoli, bananas, apples and berries.

Also, remember not to eat too late at night for dinner and keep a gap of at least 2 hours prior sleeping for dinner. While sleeping our body activities slow down and it is important hence, to take proper care of digestion process while we sleep. Hence, an early dinner helps to avoid improper digestion.

Salt to taste might test your fitness

Most of us are not aware of the fact that not just sugar but even sodium in unbalanced levels can be a reason for fatness. Unwanted or excess sodium in the body causes the food to be churned out for fat storage in the body and the most affected parts are legs, face, hands or arms.

Next time when you add a pinch of salt be careful if your pinch of salt will pinch your fitness regime or not.

There are numerous products that have come up in the market for our fitness freaks. How we use it is on us. Flat stomach is definitely a good desire but not at the cost of unbalanced diet. Moreover, it’s not bad to look plump sometimes but belly growth has adverse effects of its own on our bodies. Hence, such attempts in a conscious and matured way is always good for the body.