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Why Take Garcinia Cambogia Supplements for Health and Wellbeing ?


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Pycnogenol, more commonly known as Pine bark is actually not the bark but the extract from the bark of Pinus pinaster.

A native plant of mainly the south-western part of France, This plant needs to be cultivated over a period ranging from 30 to as long as 50 years.

The Bordeaux region of France is the most popularly cultivated for this French maritime pine trees. The pycnogenol in the pine trees contain almost 65-70% proanthocyanidins that is an essential nutrient for curing several diseases in the human body.

This means that for every 100 grams of its intake there is almost 65-70 grams of proanthocyanidins.

This is a compound of a natural antioxidant also available in apples, cocoa beans, grape seeds, grape skins and even black tea, green tea and cranberry.

Back in 1534, Jacques Cartier was introduced to the pine trees by the native Indians of Quebec, when he found this to be the cure for scurvy. Later in 1947, Professor Jack Masquelier from the University Of Bordeaux, France, worked on the extracts of this plant and discovered its hidden benefits.

The pycnogenol has triple action of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids that work as a versatile source of anti inflammatory substances, stimulator of generating collagen and hyaluronic acid and helps with the production of endothelial nitric oxide that in turn aids in natural dilation of blood vessels. There are three kinds of bioflavonoids found in pycnogenol namely, catechin, epicatechin, and taxifolin.

For diabetic patients, it helps in controlling the blood sugar flow and for cardiac issues and erectile dysfunctions as well, the nitric oxide content aids in regulating the functions. It further improves cholesterol level, blood pressure and for varicose veins in the body as well. Its single efficiency in regulating the blood flow has multiple benefits in the human body.

It is an excellent cure for stress related blockages in blood vessels and arteries and due to its blood flow regulating capacity.  It increases the immunity in the body and makes us more energetic as well. It also can work against cramps in the body. During stress the radicals exhibited from our body can adversely affect our body’s vitality and youth. Excessive radical can cause early aging.

Pycnogelnol catches the radicals flowing through our blood stream and provides double protection to the cells by making them antioxidant rich.

Another rising health issue that has affected over 250 million people worldwide is a ear ringing disease known as Tinnitus mainly caused due to noise exposure.

It can also occur due to head or neck trauma, cardiovascular disease or health disorders. For such victims, pycogenol helps by increasing internal blood flow and relieves individuals of the symptoms of tinnitus.

For women especially, this discovery has been a good friend to many ailments. Due to bad blood circulation women suffer from cold hands and feet, swelling of legs and easy bruises. It relieves women from the severe pains during menstrual cycle and pain caused due to late pregnancy.

The micro-circulation of blood is enhanced with pycnogenol and this has further helped in reducing the adverse effects of the UV radiations and oxidation impacts on the skin. It prevents melanogenesis and reduces risks of skin pigmentation.

Pycnogenol acts in synergy with the essential vitamins that we consume and leaves them free from any effect. This helps in retaining the nutritive effect of the vitamins C and E which in turn provide benefits to us.

As an anti-inflammatory substance, pycnogenol helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs and arteries. The respiratory system is relieved of any subsequent risk of inflammation, the most common of which are asthma and chronic bronchitis.

The lung tissues get inflammation as a result of which they suffer from these problems. Pyncnogenol prevents clogged arteries and this helps even the chained smokers who fail to quit smoking despite several trials.

Pycnogenol in pine trees has common curing properties like Garcinia Cambogia that also works as an effective anti inflammatory product due to its anthocyanine component.

Garcinia Cambogia, like Pycnogenol can help in fighting cholesterol rise and provide a healthy heart. In later stages of diabetes, patients often suffer from diabetic retinopathy (blindness due to diabetes) and pycnogenol improves vision for such individuals.

Although, no serious ailments have been reported in the use of pycnogenol yet, no valid report has been published on its safety of consumption for children below 6 years of age. Also, patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy should reconsider its use or use it under doctor’s supervision.

Even patients undergoing radiation therapy are advised not to consume it. Even pregnant women or those who are breast feeding are recommended not to use it. However, post pregnancy period is safer for its use.

Excess use (or intake of the drugs made from the content of the bark of the pine tree) without any equivalence with the age or weight of the user can cause headache, dizziness, mouth ulcers and gut problems. Hence, with prior research and proper advice from a dietician or doctor is safer for first time user.

There is no prescribed amount of how much should be consumed as it depends on individuals. On an average 25-100 milligram of it can be safe for general health concerns like better skin, smoother blood flow or greater immunity.

However, the dosage varies with the body’s requirement and this can stretch as much as up to 400 milligrams a day as well.

Be it a fruit like Garcinia Cambogia or a bark extract like pycnogenol, we all know and should implement a basic safety step of doing enough research before experimenting on the consumption of the product.

The market out there is ready to sell anything and everything but with prior advices from experts and our mental determination we should choose what suits us the most.

Remember, no one knows your body better than you. Do not force yourself to consume something just to follow the trend.

Although, with extracts like these there are lesser chances of side effects yet, being careful is always good.

Weight Loss

Caralluma Fimbriata side effects

The popularly known ‘famine food of India’ Caralluma fimbriata is an edible cactus found commonly in India.

It belongs to the family of Apocynaceae. Used mainly in the southern parts of India, this plant is also seen in the certain parts of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Africa, Southern parts of Europe and Canary Islands.

In India tribal people primarily are the main crowds who rely on this plant to control their appetite due to malnutrition and scarce supply of food. That is why it is known as the ‘famine food’ for people who belong to the marginalized class and cannot afford timely food and water for drinking.

What serves as the solution for malnutrition is today a well known medicine for curing the obesity issue for many.

It has mainly aided drastic waist line reduction. Even hunters and gatherers of the ancient days used the extracts of this plant to suppress their hunger for food and thirst for water. Cactus being a drought resistant plant has the capacity to store water in itself in the midst of the dry, arid desert regions.

Hence, consumption of the succulent extracts helps one to avoid getting dehydrated. The extract of the plant is freely available and it has not been reported to be toxic for man in anyway so far but it needs to be consumed with prior recommendation from doctors.

The herb is composed of photochemical constituents such as Flavone Glycosides, Pregnane Glycosides, Megastigmane Glycosides, Saponins and Bitter Principles. The component Pregnane Glycoside helps in blocking the production of the enzyme citrate lyase in the body that is responsible for obesity in our body.

Once the secretion of this enzyme is stopped in the body, the fat production automatically ceases. Thus the mission of fighting obesity is fulfilled. It also restricts the production of Malonyl Coenzyme, which again is responsible for fat production in the body.

Although, it is a popular obesity killing herb with absolute natural effects on the body and no side effects of its own, yet, most of us prefer consuming it in supplementary forms of pills, powders and capsules that somewhat brings down the efficiency of the herb as such.

The pills have additives that have combined nutrients and artificial agents as well. As a result, the herb gets a bad name in case of side effects on the user. It should be consumed in its original and unchanged form to gain the benefits of the natural Ayurvedic herb.

This herb had been reckoned as an effective medicine even in the times of Ayurveda when traditional medicines relied solely upon nature’s gifts for myriad health solutions. In India, it is mostly consumed in the raw form along with other vegetables.

Since this herb acts as a supplement for water during the crisis phases, individuals consuming it often have the tendency to drink lesser water due to its effect of suppressing thirst for a longer time. We should be careful about drinking enough water during the time of consumption of Caralluma fimbriata.

Also, the consumption of Caralluma fimbriata can help one in weight loss for a tentative time period. For a secured, continued long term effect, only consuming Caralluma fimbriata wouldn’t help. One must follow a regular diet chart that includes plenty of hygienic fruits, vegetables, lean meat, yoghurt, eggs, and also sufficient sleep.

We cannot deny the basic fact of life that only external products cannot help us feel confident about a slimmer waist line and toned figure. We need to rejuvenate our mind over our body as well with yoga and other mental stress busting techniques. Not just Caralluma fimbriata, but there are others like Garcinian Cambogia or Gambooge that also play roles in our daily fight with obesity. This is more popular as the Malabar Tamarind down south of India and is a special item in the south Indian cuisine.

Even this tamarind can control the fat digestion from the glucose in the body by preventing the process of digestion with its Hydroxyctic Acid (HCA). However, it is not safe for pregnant and lactating mothers as it absorbs all the fat stored in the body that is necessary for the baby. Just like Gambooge, Caralluma fimbriata works as an efficient message transmitter to the brain by disrupting hypothalamus’ work of message sending in the body for hunger.

Caralluma fimbriata is not known with reports on such restrictions except for people suffering from gastric problems should rather avoid it as it may induce gastrointestinal side effects.

However, a minimal dosage in the natural state is actually recommended by several doctors, scientists, professors, botanists as they have not only studies the plant but also the numerous tribes that rely on it and had been relying on this plant for ages together for their dietary supplementation. It is used in chutneys and pickles in Indian households.

Even the Indian Health Ministry lists this plant as an essential medicinal plant to be ingested in cooked and raw form. Several tests on rats have been conducted with successful reports of its success but the dosage for consumption should be as per the health condition of the individual is it is taken as a supplement in the form of pills, capsules or powder. It should be taken with proper safeguard keeping in mind the weight of the individual and the previous diet that was followed before starting its consumption.

There might be slight changes in the food intake with this plant’s intake but with the passage of time the body would get used to this plant as well.

The most important bit to be kept in mind while consuming it as a supplement is the brand that we are consuming must be well known. We must check the authenticity of the brand and purchase it.

Not only Caralluma fimbriata but Garcinia Cambogia also is available in the same form of pills and we must check before leaping on to these easy-to-take drugs because the commercialization of the drug industry has had its own side effects on consumers as well.

Weight Loss

Calcium Pyruvate

In the humdrum of the fast and hectic life, often we suffer from unavoidable fatigue and early aging issues.

In our daily life process our body needs constant energy level booster. We work out to burn fat and produce more energy to increase our stamina throughout the day.

The huge consumerist market has come up with multifaceted techniques to cater to this major issue to energy control for the body. Not only appetizing energy drinks but several capsules and other external easy to eat food items have come up for quick relief from the Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Calcium Pyruvate is a known element that is created internally from food consumption that breaks down the sugar in food. Studies claim that although our regular food intake includes a certain amount of calcium pyruvate, yet external supplement usage can be beneficial for good health and more importantly weight loss regime.

Calcium Pyruvate commonly known as pyruvate is created inside the body during the digestion process. It is created as a result of the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins obtained from food. It is finally found in the form of pyruvic acid. Pyruvate is found from red apples, red wine and cheese.

One apple of a middle size has almost 460 milligram of Calcium Pyruvate and a single serving of beer or red wine can have almost 75 milligram of Calcium Pyruvate.It has been proven to have aided not only in weight loss but fat loss from the body as well. Almost over 10% of the body is lost on an average. There has not been any serious consequence of increasing the usage except for gastrointestinal problems.

As Calcium Pyruvate is a natural element produced inside the body it has more capacity to affect metabolism compared to external agents.  It can control the cellular respiration and regulate fat burning. Calcium pyruvate supplementation helps in increasing the endurance capacity of athletes. Their bodies undergo continuous turning over of ATP production for sufficient energy level in the body.

This helps them to perform consistently without a fall in their performance level. Calcium pyruvate helps in transportation of glucose and protein to the muscle cells in the body. It also helps in producing optimal levels of ATP. It has thus been acknowledged for its potential role in initializing endurance increment during strenuous workout phases such as aerobic activities.

Pyruvate is formed as a result of the breakdown of glucose or glycogen in the body. It is a 3-carbon compound that can also be broken down further to lactate in the cytoplasm. Research also proves that the further glycotic deconstruction can even give oxidatively decarboxylated acetyl CoA in the mitochondrion. This in turn leads to the ongoing of the Kreb’s cycle that is an energy cycle managing the production and the creation of ATP (energy). The more the ATP in the body, the more is the rate at which the mitochondria burn fat.

The Kreb’s Cycle, also called the Citric Acid Cycle is a process in which the body converts food into energy. The Kreb’s Cycle works faster with calcium pyruvate as it provides the body with more energy to utilize and burn out. The good side of using it is that calcium pyruvate has no major side effect to the body like nausea or even major physical issues. It also works effectively for people suffering from high cholesterol level.

Not only does it help in fat loss, endurance increment in the body but also aids in improvising the exhibition of anti-oxidant properties by increasing the content of glutathione GSHz that are helpful for our body as a whole.

The level of consumption is variable with the individual’s capacity and bodily needs. From a minimum 6 grams it can stretch to the extent as per doctor’s recommendation or medical instructor. An average consumption of about 6 grams can help in boosting the normal metabolic rate and consequently lead to better digestive process, higher fat burning and greater strength in the body.

Research proves that calcium pyruvate has been proven to be effective for treating cancer and cataract as well. The effect of this product is visible with not just the consumption of it. Additional workout on a regular note, a good diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding the unnecessary junkies and meat fat, regular and consistent sleeping for considerable time and drinking lot of water would help the product to work with inevitable success result.

Calcium in itself is yet again a good component for our body. It aids to stabilizing the acid, pH, and alkaline levels in the body. This regulates the functioning of the nerves, bones, tissues and muscles in the body.

Just as Calcium Pyruvate helps in weight loss, Garcinia Cambogia is yet another miraculous gift of nature that has been proven to help humans in weight loss and cholesterol control. The HCA inhibits the production of ATP citrate lyase responsible for synthesizing fatty acids. While Pyruvate is an internal production or external supplement, Cambogia or Gambooze is a famous Indian condiment for several dishes of the Indian cuisine.

These latest discoveries have made life easier. They are found in several forms like capsules, tablets, liquid form or powdered form. They are also available in combination with other weight loss supplements and from food directly like cheese and apple as already mentioned before.

Many consumers are skeptical about the after effects of Calcium Pyruvate’s usage as they suspect adverse and reverse weight effects on stopping the consumption. However, no such study has proved so far about such adversities and its natural component structure prevents it from being an enemy to our health. It is created out of components already available in the body system hence; there are fewer chances of wrong symptoms.

Be it Garcinia Cambogia or Calcium Pyruvate supplements the list of supplements would keep increasing with newer discoveries and know-how.

We need to make the best use of these and utilize the natural gifts around us for our better future.

Weight Loss

What to Eat to Get a Flat Stomach

Wouldn’t it be good if you had to eat more to keep your weigh lesser? There isn’t any magic potion that can curb weight loss overnight. However, a balanced intake of few natural foods can definitely make your body capable of your weight loss program. Good anti-oxidants and calorie resistant elements can be wondrous and nutritious at the same time.

With few basic tips before starting off on the list of foods for calorie fight should be kept in mind:

  • Avoid excess eating at one go and start consuming smaller quantities of food at lesser intervals. This helps your body to get balanced time to digest the food and avoids indigestion or storage of unnecessary fat.
  • Do not skip your breakfast. Many researchers have proved that if you do not have a good start to the day with a proper meal then you end up consuming more unbalanced amount of food through the rest of the time.
  • Be careful with the calories you intake and try working out not for a size zero but for your good health. Overt level of calorie without equivalent level of workout is the main root of fatigue and obesity and its subsequent health issues.

Make Everyday a Protein Day

To kick start good mornings bring in yoghurt, eggs, handful of nuts and milk in your everyday morning diet. Before you start the grind of the rest of the day it is mandatory to prepare your body for the surprises of the rest of the day. In our fast paced life, breakfast has turned out to be a neglected part of our daily routine.

Although, the consumerist market has been catered to by our efficient FMCG giants, yet such quick and processed meals are not good options for long term life. They not only harm with their artificial contents but also decrease our life expectancy. Hence, opting for quick and easy natural ingredients for breakfast can be possible if you have the will. Milk, fruits, vegetables, nuts are easy, affordable, known shortcuts to hectic schedules of quicker meal breaks.

Almond particularly is proven to be a versatile nut full of fibre, protein, vitamin E and magnesium. It not only is an effective anti-oxidant but is an effective source of protein, minerals and energy. It helps regulating blood sugar levels in the body thereby stabilising food cravings and helping towards a balanced diet. Also, another natural ingredient Garcinia Cambogia, a berry of one kind is an effective natural product sold mostly in pill form has rich content of anthocyanine that regulates food cravings in the body. This helps in weight loss programs and reduces belly fat.

Do not forget to include at least one fruit in your everyday breakfast which can be the best source of multiple nutrients and stimulate perfect metabolism in your body. These products are good sources of energy thus relieving you of fatigue and unnecessary carbohydrate. A healthy breakfast can even suffice for a skipped lunch for your body to maintain energy level. Yoghurt or the good old homemade dahi also is rich in bacteria that prevent the rise of pathogenic organisms like E.coli and salmonella. It increases immunity of the body by stabilising the count of antibodies.

Drinking can be good

There is no denying the fact that a dehydrated body is always at more risks of health issues. Drinking water before eating also avoids eating excess as your tummy feels heavier beforehand. Research proves that ice cold water can be a miraculous weight loss potion for you. An intake of around 8-10 glasses of ice cold water can help in burning 250-500 calories of fat in the body.

Carbonated drinks and soda have unbalanced contents of carbohydrate that we consume in the gas form in the drinks. This is definitely dangerous as we all know of.

Apart from water other good drinks include toned milk, green tea, vegetable juice, coconut water and yoghurt based smoothies.

Vegetable on the table

The list of vegetables doesn’t just stop but goes on with more you add on to your plate. Starting from beans, sprouts, broccoli, celery, tomato, cucumbers to eggplants, garlic, lettuce, onion, peas, turnip, pumpkin the list can include more than 200 vegetables that are perfect to fight for your flat stomach.

It is also advisable to eat raw foods as much as possible. Although, with penetration of insecticides and pesticides in our food chain it has been advised to wash and cook well every ingredient to avoid the harmful to effects to an extent, yet several detoxifying kits for vegetables have been launched in the market to help clean vegetables and reduce the risk. For an easier and natural way to cleaning up, keeping vegetables in water for half an hour minimum can remove the insecticide effects to a large extent.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables helps to retain its nutritious value and you avoid on unnecessary usages of extra spice and oil that can lead to weight gain. Cooking causes loss in the enzymes in food and that actually inhibits proper digestion. That is the reason why we feel fuller for a longer time after eating our cooked meals for dinner and lunch. Many nutrients are burnt and wasted due to the excess heat of frying or boiling them.

Few easily available vegetables include cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, dark leaf lettuce, onions, pears, tomatoes, watercress, broccoli, bananas, apples and berries.

Also, remember not to eat too late at night for dinner and keep a gap of at least 2 hours prior sleeping for dinner. While sleeping our body activities slow down and it is important hence, to take proper care of digestion process while we sleep. Hence, an early dinner helps to avoid improper digestion.

Salt to taste might test your fitness

Most of us are not aware of the fact that not just sugar but even sodium in unbalanced levels can be a reason for fatness. Unwanted or excess sodium in the body causes the food to be churned out for fat storage in the body and the most affected parts are legs, face, hands or arms.

Next time when you add a pinch of salt be careful if your pinch of salt will pinch your fitness regime or not.

There are numerous products that have come up in the market for our fitness freaks. How we use it is on us. Flat stomach is definitely a good desire but not at the cost of unbalanced diet. Moreover, it’s not bad to look plump sometimes but belly growth has adverse effects of its own on our bodies. Hence, such attempts in a conscious and matured way is always good for the body.

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Chia Weight Loss

Chia seeds are traditional herbs of Mexico and the US. For the Native Americans, legendary myths have reiterated the usage of this herb in the age of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incans. A member of the sage family Salvia Hispanica, the seeds of this plant was used as a staple food crop and was also used to prepare nutritious juices. The word ‘Chia’ in the Mayan language stands for strength and this food source was used mainly by the messengers who travelled large distances carrying a small packet of this energy source stored during the journey. It is also known as the ‘Indian running Food’ by many.

The tiny black and white seeds of Chia are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are the potent source of carbohydrates, fibre, protein, numerous vitamins like A, B, E, and D, and several minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sulphur, iodine, zinc, copper, sodium,  manganese, niacin, silicon, thiamine and antioxidants. One ounce of Chia seeds is proven to have 137 calories, 11 grams of fibre, 4 grams of protein, 12 grams of carbohydrate, 9 grams of fat and multiple other vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is free of sugar which makes it even more delectable for fitness freaks. The advantageous part of consuming Chia seeds is that, it needs no processing unlike many and has a tasty flavour like nuts. The easiest and most popular way of consuming it is by mixing with water and gulping it down. It can help one to avoid food cravings for a long time and sustain the body energy at the same time.

Chia seeds have become popular gradually although, it is not yet much visible in the European consumerist market. Several recipes have also come up to use it in different dishes. It is even recommended to have at least a teaspoon of Chia seeds right before starting with the day. To start a good, zestful, energetic morning a spoonful of Chia with enough water to drink can boost your spirit up and help you retain energy through the odds of the day for a longer stretch.

Chia seeds are most commonly added to beverages and also used as garnishing ingredient over cooked vegetables, salads, cereals and other baked products. As a good substitute to food, chia seeds can work as the powerhouse of energy and prevent one from excess calorie intake. An ounce of Chia seeds in the whole day meal chart can work wondrous and cause weight loss successfully. It becomes even better a weight loss food due to its rich fibre content as well. Almost half the fibre value required from food intake in a single serving is provided by Chia seeds.

The essential fatty acids in these seeds are extremely necessary for our bodies to build up the multiple cells that are in constant constructive mode throughout the body . It regenerates good hair and skin and protects the heart.

Calcium an essential nutrient for human beings is an unavoidable source for our survival. Right from birth our mother’s milk becomes the sole source of the calcium we need. Without calcium our entire skeletal structure would become fragile and porous. Malnutrition, a serious issue across the world has attacked millions of individuals who are deprived of the basic nutrition and women are the prime victims of this attack. Osteoporosis, a major issue with bones is more common for those without proper calcium nutrition. Chia seeds have more than 3 times the source of calcium than found in skimmed milk.

The reason Chia seeds makes one feel heavier with every time of consumption is because the seeds have the unique capability to trap moisture every time they are exposed to any kind of liquid. As a result of this, they can trap the water content inside their shell which makes them slippery from outside. The hydrophilic property of the seeds helps to absorb more than 12 times of water than its actual weight. When we consume it, the water inside each seed makes the actual quantity of the seeds more than what it is and we feel fuller. Moreover, a food that can help in good digestion is always pro weight loss program. The gel like effect of these seeds helps to segregate the carbohydrate from the digestive enzymes which in turn prevents the creation of sugar from the carbohydrate. Thus, the fat storage in the wrong body sections is prevented. The rich fibre content in the seeds helps in gradual digestion which keeps us away from untimely food intakes.

Just like Garcinia Cambogia, it balances the blood sugar level in the body. While the seeds of chia substitute the food intake, Garcninia Cambogia does not work as a meal substitute. It rather stirs the secretion of serotonin level in our body that regulates our food cravings and moods from time to time.

Chia seeds also restore the omega- 3 fatty acids that yet again balance energy without much food consumption in real. Omega-3 is also good for improving digestion, and relieving few kinds of arthritis pain.  Metabolism is the key to weight loss. Any food source that stimulates good metabolism should be encouraged, although few have their own lists of side effects as well.

There has been no serious negative consequence recorded from the use of Chia. Yet, in case of any doubt it is preferable to get a doctor’s advice before using it. In the recent time, it is used mainly by athletes to keep them strong and sturdy and fat free. Several pharmaceutical companies have gradually popularised the use of this product but it needs to be promoted more across the world. This natural multi nutrient food can save many malnourished sections of the society. It needs to be cultivated on larger scaled with mass production.

Not only is it a good egg substitute or milk substitute, it is used in mainly preparing puddings, soups, salads, yoghurts and even making meatballs with bread crumbs. Its thickening agent is good for preparing many dishes. A little smash of lemon juice with chia seeds is a wonderful drink to gulp down during the strenuous hours of the day. Many find it better than flax seeds that need more care before consuming. It needs processing and then powdering which altogether is a time consuming process.

Chia seeds are a great way to start a day but it should not be forgotten that such supplements work better when we control our mind to eat more nutritiously along with these products and maintain a hygienic and healthy living.

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Maqui Berry Benefits and Weight Loss

The berry that is your super fruit

Down the timeline the people of Mapuche in Patagonian region of southern Chile, have incorporated the Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) as a staple in their diet, recognizing it as a healing and nutritive agent. The Mapuche Indians are the Native American Indians who resisted the Inca and Spaniards’ attempt to conquer them. Their warriors’ legendary strength and stamina is believed to have been the result of their drinking ritual of the fermented Maqui juice daily. The Maqui berry is a pious symbol of health and strength. The Mapuchas even believe that this fruit has mystical healing powers.


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It is also known by the names of Chilean Wine-berry, Maquei, Queldron, Ach, Koelon and Clon. The berries make good shakes when combined with yoghurt, cereal, custard, ice cream or porridge. It is rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols and bioflavaoids which can protect our bodies from harmful free radicals.  Maqui berry is wonderful source of Vitamin A, C, calcium, iron and potassium and provides physiological effects of any individual plant compound.

Highly anti-oxidant

Many researchers believe that Maqui berries are the world’s strongest antioxidants. With extraordinary high concentration of anthocyanins, Maqui berries contain very high content of phenolic compounds and anthocyanins that exhibit high antioxidant activity. Studies found that these berries are 4 times stronger than Acai & Goji berry and almost 50 times more than a glass of red wine. A regular intake of Maqui berries help you to naturally detoxify your body and purge toxic build ups that have taken place over many years from eating poorly, leading a lethargic life without exercise and getting in contact with chemicals that is spread in the toxic environment surrounding us.


The free radicals in the body produce cancer cells. Leukemia and colon cancer are the two most common types of cancer responsible for inactive prevention system. The Maqui berry has the highest ORAC Value (Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity) than any other fruit. Maqui berries have an ORAC rating of 945 while blueberries and highly touted natural antioxidants, like the acai berry, only have an ORAC rating of 300. This means that 100 grams of a Maqui berry supplement can contain 38,400 ORAC units. The maqui berry which is the best antioxidant can stop the flow of free radicals, react with them & form compounds thereby preventing further growth of affected cells.

Increases metabolism

This super fruit increases metabolism level in the body thereby enabling a better process to digest diet quickly and expose more stamina. It helps to gain increased energy level and eases digestion problems. In early decades even athletes and players used this super fruit as their diet to get enough strength & enhanced power.

Deals with Diabetes

The consumption of maqui berries and its juice increases insulin production in the body that is beneficial to diabetics who are trying to balance glucose levels after meals.

Anti-Inflammatory product

The anthocyanins in maqui berry have anti-inflammatory properties and help to reduce the risk of diseases like cancer and heart disease. It also helps to prevent conditions that result from chronic inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis and is effective in reducing the effects of bacterial infections. It is also used for the treatments of sore throat, fever, diarrhoea, ulcers, and haemorrhoids and even aids in birth delivery.

Host to Heart Health

Anthocyanin helps in preventing oxidation of cholesterol in the blood that can lead to a variety of cardiovascular health problems including hardening of the arteries, heart attack and stroke. Oxidation compounds, acids, harmful chemicals and free radicals damage blood circulation cells, veins and heart cells that trouble the usual blood circulation process.

Not only the berries but even the leaves have been used traditionally for their medicinal qualities. The berries help in raising the temperature of the body and is hence used in the winter season and to energise and revitalise the body for hard work. It is also believed to improve the condition of your nails, teeth and hair thus giving a healthier appearance. Another good side of consuming it is that adults and children both can use it with no side effect reports so far. Maqui berry in powder form is a good start in breakfast as per many dieticians’ suggestion.

If you are using these berries for weight loss no strict diet is necessary. No fillers or artificial stimulants are needed. Only a healthy diet regime with fresh fruits and vegetables (cleaned in water to avoid the insecticides and pesticides or even organic ones of possible) and at least 2-3 litres of water in daily diet can be the perfect friend to your mission.

Both Maqui berry and Garcinia Cambogia are sold in the form of pills in the market. Both the fruits are purple in colour and hence have rich anthocyanine. The main exporters of G.Cambogia are China, India, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brazil. These anti-obese foods that are going viral in the new chain of obesity-killing agents, can be ahrmful as well as they change your metabolism for a certain time period with their regularized process inside the body. Once you drop the consumption your old cycle bounces back with greater vigour.

Hence, it is always advisable to use such miraculous products with doctor’s advice and your proper understanding of the product as well. Staying fit, even if fat is sometimes advisable and commendable for longer and happier life. If you are spontaneous to try these products out, you should also be careful about a healthy diet and lots of sleep.