Weight Loss after Pregnancy

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Lose your pounds in a healthy way

The popular ‘celebrity diets’ is the buzzword for many mothers who wonder at the success of the weight loss regimes of their favourite actresses. The baby weight is nothing unnatural for any woman after the delivery and losing it has no hard and fast rule to follow. To propel your old figure and feel confident yet again, few easy steps can play the trick.

Once a woman becomes mother after 9 months, it is the happiest moment for her. Not only does she undergo emotional changes, but a lot of hormonal transformations, pelvic expansions, weight gain, body aches and many such common problems. It is this post partum period when your body tries regaining its original stature.

  • Dieting – A No, No!

After delivery, dieting wouldn’t be the solution to losing weight as the body needs a lot of energy to mould itself with the new changes in life. Dieting would rather reverse your body cycle and reduce your energy levels leading to lower self-esteem and lethargy. Eating healthy and nutritive food would be the best solution. Do not hurry for a weight loss mission immediately after delivery as that might hamper your body leading to grave consequences.

  • Eating the Good Way

Have a generous intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These fibre-rich foods increase your energy. Low fat dairy products such as cheese, skimmed milk and yoghurt (flavoured if preferred) will not hamper your calorie intake.  Fish and chicken are also good options or lentils and different kinds of pulses for vegetarians can provide protein, zinc, iron and vitamin B. However, an effective Malabar Tamarind or Garcinia Cambogia should be avoided, if you opting to consume it for weight loss. The hydroxyctic acid (HCA) prevents the carbohydrate to turn to fat in the mother’s body that subsequently can be the source of energy for the body. Hence, for pregnant and lactating mothers the consumption of G. Cambogia is harmful.

  • Ready for the break?

Being sleep-deprived and going for exercise can be pretty unimaginable for many mothers. That’s perfectly fine if you can’t go for strict exercise routine with your new responsibility in hand. It is suggested to keep a gap of at least six weeks after the delivery for staring easy work out. However, in case of Caesarean delivery the period should be extended longer.

When the time is perfect and you are comfortable with starting your fitness regime, you can begin by taking walks in any open space suitable for you. The space around your house or any nearby park with a silent and fresh surrounding is perfect. Avoid too much clumsy surroundings with too much pollution and commotion as this might make you feel restless. You can even workout with your baby with you. Take your baby in a pushchair and enjoy your time in the open space round your house. If time persists and your are eager for professional fitness classes, that can be a good way to feel relaxed as you would not only burn energy but get a social gathering where many new moms can be your best friends and mentors to share your post natal anxieties with.

Even at home you can try out simple dance steps to tuning to your favourite music or begin your day with easy pranayaams or swimming for a while. Don’t overstrain yourself with forced sessions. Being optimistic is good but going to excess extent of workout can make you feel dizzy and exhausted. New mothers are weaker than others so they should be cautious about their steps.

  • Feeding the Best Way!

As per research, breastfeeding seems to be a unique and successful way of losing weight. During feeding a mother burns 600 to 800 calories a day. Although you sit and comfortably feed your baby, you actually keep losing weight during the whole process. Few lucky women lose all their baby fat solely through breastfeeding without compromising on their food intake as well. However, it is mandatory for all mothers to know that the body needs 300-500 calories of energy to produce milk and some energy is also absorbed from the already stored fat in the body. Hence, healthy eating and regular exercise along with breastfeeding is perfect to burn down the fats.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Another important side to this process is, once the mother stops breastfeeding and substituting milk with solid food, mother’s food intake craving doesn’t change or stop. It rather plummets and leads to weight gaining. It is necessary to modulate the mother’s food intake along with the changing diet of the baby.

A Happy Ending to Weight Loss

Bear it in your mind that weight loss in post natal stage doesn’t happen in a jiffy. Ignore the stories of the celebrities you adore because they don’t go for shortcuts to get back on screen as early as possible. They have their personal fitness trainers unlike many other moms. Fighting the podginess might take you quite a long time and don’t compare. If few moms lose weight in six months others might take over a year. Don’t run after someone else’s fighting-flab-mission. A study shows that only four out of ten mothers lose weight when their babies reach six months.

Try avoiding junk as much and eat only when you are hungry. Think before you eat as to why you are eating. If you eat only to while away your time then indulge your time on something else. Talk to your baby more as it strengthens your bond. Involve your baby in your exercise programs if need be. If you are a working mother, then extend your Maternity leave period till you feel perfectly fit and confident to face the regular office schedules. Be positive, be happy. Remember, a happy mother is the source of happiness to not just your baby but your entire family.