How to Burn Calories Without Exercise

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weight loss without exerciseWhen can you stay healthy and slim without any extra energy loss in the multiple gym and yoga sessions? The options are numerous but you have to pick the smartest options. Definitely we can’t deny the fact that nothing comes for free and easy. Workout definitely helps but a proper balanced diet is crucial and can be a quick solution for painless weight loss as well.

Drink healthy

The most nutritious fat-free health drink readily available at every household cannot be anything but water. Drink plenty of it for a good start early in the morning empty stomach. It regulates the metabolism and keeps your tummy full thus avoiding you to consume unnecessary food items at sudden craving moments.  Did you know that drinking cold water particularly can help you burn more calories and slim down? If not, try it out.


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Watch out, there are other secret Trans fat agents

The naturally occurring saturated fat in red meat and also certain heavy weighed fishes are source of trouble. This fat is created in the stomach of the animals. Substitute your diet with yoghurt, skimmed milk, fruits and vegetables to get rid of it.   Most of the trans fat in our daily diet is industrially produced, that can pose more harm to our heart’s health that any other nutrient in our daily diet. Search for non-hydrogenated margarines in grocery stores that are absolutely trans fat free.

Be the Sleeping Beauty

If you indulge more time in sleeping you can end up consuming lesser food. Moreover, a proper sleep can help stimulating metabolism as we all know. If you sleep less, you definitely have mood swings and digestion problems that can cause your improper diet regime and lead to lot of trouble.

Laughing Out Loud

Did you know that atleast 15-20 minutes of laughter can help you lose atleast 40 calories a day? Then why control laughter and feel morose? Pump in more blood to your heart and stay happy.

Stop Staring at Sugar

Is not just in the sugar you add to your food. Every manufactured or processed food you buy attaches a label to it its product. Read it! Being ignorant about the calories you take in wouldn’t help. The read effort is in your hands. Utilise the food you eat for healthy living and not for fattening.

Massage for tone up

Studies found out that the subcutaneous tissue in your skin can have weight loss too! The fat capsules burst which are not stored inside the body. Massage helps to renew that body toning thus giving it a glow.

Stand up, Tap your feet

Standing and taking walks definitely help you in releasing the body drudgery and helps adding energy. ‘Happy feet’ news for those who have the habit to tap their feet even when they sit; people who stand more while working or tap their feet can burn up to 350 calories a day.

Eat less but eat more

Reduce the amount you intake at every break. However, increase the number of sessions. With more intervals and lesser consumption per interval the digestion process will be smoother and lead to better balance in diet. Practicing portion control is a get healer for the body.

Don’t refrain from eating

Slip your favourite fruits into your bag lunch and breakfast cereal; add the veggies into soups, stews, and sauces. No compromise on food works. Of course, be careful about overeating but do not refrain from eating as a habit.

Rawness is inspiring

The more you retain the originality, the better it is for you. This phrase works not just for your everyday life of work and practice but even with your food. Raw food is more nutritious. Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, celery and of course the endless list of fruits such as apples, pears, juicy grapes, bananas with a punch of virgin olive oil and dried fruits like cashews, almonds, raisins can always work wonders.

Green Tea, the elixir

A cup of fresh green tea can be the perfect break to avoid unnecessary intake of junkies. It detoxifies your body and burns upto 400 calories a week. You not only drink more water that is added to it but also the essence of the juice that has been an anti cancer medicine as well.

Inspire many

Share your diet plans and your views with more people around you. This will not only inspire others but also make you more confident and firm about following your food habits.

Spices are wonders

Did you know that the thermic effect of the spices can help you burn calories too? When you eat something which is spicy your body temperature increases and you end up burning more saturated fat.

Garcinia Cambogia, the medicine

Another ready-to-consume weight loss supplement is Garcinia Cambogia that has Hydroxycitric acid preventing more fat creation inside the body. Many pharmaceutical companies have come up with innovative pills with G.Cambogia that can help in weight loss. It can help in cholesterol level balance and work towards a healthy heart.

Eat more protein, concentrate more on trans fat free food products, choose the carb-free items more. However, do not remove carbohydrate absolutely from your food chart. Drink more water; at least 2-3 litres a day will be perfect. Sleep well and most important of all, be happy. Be confident about yourself. Several exercises and slim figure can fail in front of a smart and confident personality. You are special and no one can be you. Being healthy is more in your heart than in your brain.