Calcium Pyruvate

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In the humdrum of the fast and hectic life, often we suffer from unavoidable fatigue and early aging issues.

In our daily life process our body needs constant energy level booster. We work out to burn fat and produce more energy to increase our stamina throughout the day.

The huge consumerist market has come up with multifaceted techniques to cater to this major issue to energy control for the body. Not only appetizing energy drinks but several capsules and other external easy to eat food items have come up for quick relief from the Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Calcium Pyruvate is a known element that is created internally from food consumption that breaks down the sugar in food. Studies claim that although our regular food intake includes a certain amount of calcium pyruvate, yet external supplement usage can be beneficial for good health and more importantly weight loss regime.

Calcium Pyruvate commonly known as pyruvate is created inside the body during the digestion process. It is created as a result of the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins obtained from food. It is finally found in the form of pyruvic acid. Pyruvate is found from red apples, red wine and cheese.

One apple of a middle size has almost 460 milligram of Calcium Pyruvate and a single serving of beer or red wine can have almost 75 milligram of Calcium Pyruvate.It has been proven to have aided not only in weight loss but fat loss from the body as well. Almost over 10% of the body is lost on an average. There has not been any serious consequence of increasing the usage except for gastrointestinal problems.

As Calcium Pyruvate is a natural element produced inside the body it has more capacity to affect metabolism compared to external agents.  It can control the cellular respiration and regulate fat burning. Calcium pyruvate supplementation helps in increasing the endurance capacity of athletes. Their bodies undergo continuous turning over of ATP production for sufficient energy level in the body.

This helps them to perform consistently without a fall in their performance level. Calcium pyruvate helps in transportation of glucose and protein to the muscle cells in the body. It also helps in producing optimal levels of ATP. It has thus been acknowledged for its potential role in initializing endurance increment during strenuous workout phases such as aerobic activities.

Pyruvate is formed as a result of the breakdown of glucose or glycogen in the body. It is a 3-carbon compound that can also be broken down further to lactate in the cytoplasm. Research also proves that the further glycotic deconstruction can even give oxidatively decarboxylated acetyl CoA in the mitochondrion. This in turn leads to the ongoing of the Kreb’s cycle that is an energy cycle managing the production and the creation of ATP (energy). The more the ATP in the body, the more is the rate at which the mitochondria burn fat.

The Kreb’s Cycle, also called the Citric Acid Cycle is a process in which the body converts food into energy. The Kreb’s Cycle works faster with calcium pyruvate as it provides the body with more energy to utilize and burn out. The good side of using it is that calcium pyruvate has no major side effect to the body like nausea or even major physical issues. It also works effectively for people suffering from high cholesterol level.

Not only does it help in fat loss, endurance increment in the body but also aids in improvising the exhibition of anti-oxidant properties by increasing the content of glutathione GSHz that are helpful for our body as a whole.

The level of consumption is variable with the individual’s capacity and bodily needs. From a minimum 6 grams it can stretch to the extent as per doctor’s recommendation or medical instructor. An average consumption of about 6 grams can help in boosting the normal metabolic rate and consequently lead to better digestive process, higher fat burning and greater strength in the body.

Research proves that calcium pyruvate has been proven to be effective for treating cancer and cataract as well. The effect of this product is visible with not just the consumption of it. Additional workout on a regular note, a good diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding the unnecessary junkies and meat fat, regular and consistent sleeping for considerable time and drinking lot of water would help the product to work with inevitable success result.

Calcium in itself is yet again a good component for our body. It aids to stabilizing the acid, pH, and alkaline levels in the body. This regulates the functioning of the nerves, bones, tissues and muscles in the body.

Just as Calcium Pyruvate helps in weight loss, Garcinia Cambogia is yet another miraculous gift of nature that has been proven to help humans in weight loss and cholesterol control. The HCA inhibits the production of ATP citrate lyase responsible for synthesizing fatty acids. While Pyruvate is an internal production or external supplement, Cambogia or Gambooze is a famous Indian condiment for several dishes of the Indian cuisine.

These latest discoveries have made life easier. They are found in several forms like capsules, tablets, liquid form or powdered form. They are also available in combination with other weight loss supplements and from food directly like cheese and apple as already mentioned before.

Many consumers are skeptical about the after effects of Calcium Pyruvate’s usage as they suspect adverse and reverse weight effects on stopping the consumption. However, no such study has proved so far about such adversities and its natural component structure prevents it from being an enemy to our health. It is created out of components already available in the body system hence; there are fewer chances of wrong symptoms.

Be it Garcinia Cambogia or Calcium Pyruvate supplements the list of supplements would keep increasing with newer discoveries and know-how.

We need to make the best use of these and utilize the natural gifts around us for our better future.